DBG-ForscherKids visit “Aldrick Castle” in Siegen

Last week we – the DBG-ForscherKids accompanied by Mrs Baumgart and Mrs Peuser – went to Kulturhaus Lyz in Siegen to watch an English-speaking theatre play.

It was very interesting and a lot of fun, because the actors were very good and very funny. Although the whole play was performed in English, we understood very much.

The play was about the boy Tom who went on a school trip to Aldrick Castle. While Tom was trying to find the secret dungeon in the castle, he fell into a time loop. After that he was in the year 1622 and there he met the nice kitchen maid Sally and the evil Countess. Sally told him about the hard life in that time, the dungeon and the poor prisoners. After Tom had stolen the dungeon key from the Countess, he freed all the people in the dungeon. Finally, Tom travelled back to his own time and tells his best friend Anna about his adventure.

Since our group was sitting in the first row, many of us were asked to come onto the stage and be a part of the play. Vanessa shared a seat with the main character Tom. Mrs Peuser was washed on stage by the maid Sally. Then Luis had to dance with the Countess of Aldrick. Ben played an angry bull and chased Hugo and the hero Tom through the whole auditorium. Nele helped to free the evil Countess. In the end Felix and Louisa pretended to “be in love” on stage.

(The DBG-Forscher-Kids: Nele, Louisa, Sofia, Oksana, Felix, Efe, Tyler, Luis, Hugo, Ben, Max, Jonna & Vanessa)